Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs
Why Us?

Why should you use our content marketing solutions for
payroll service providers and PEOs?

We totally get it. We know your pain. And we can help.

Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus & PEOs recognizes and understands the marketing and communication challenges that payroll service bureaus, PEOs and HR consultants face. We know the hurdles you have to jump. We know that professional service providers don’t go to market the same way retailers do. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours. Our clients tell us what they need, and we listen. Our platform has been designed to meet and overcome lead generation, prospecting, cross-selling and general growth challenges.

Can you relate to any of these pain points expressed by others in your industry? If so, we need to talk.


Get the biggest bang for your buck

Email and online marketing remain the most cost-effective means of promoting your business. With our email newsletters, you get immediate feedback. You have real-time, desktop access to comprehensive reports that show who is reading and what they are reading. Not only does this data enable you to track and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment, down to the impact of each and every article delivered, but it also prompts you to make changes as needed to better meet your prospects’ needs.

Softly cross-sell and up-sell more core and ancillary services

Sales efforts can easily be mistaken as being too aggressive. Payroll service bureaus and PEOs frequently face the challenge of positioning themselves as knowing what it takes to manage the largest expense on their prospects’ P&L  (people and related costs). The informational soft-sell approach of a payroll or HR newsletter that provides valuable business-related content and subtle call to action banners, branded to your company, often elicits higher engagement more quickly than a monthly sales phone call. Our email nurturing platform is the perfect tool to educate customers, prospects and referral sources on your full line of services, including ancillary services your customers and prospects need that will boost your bottom line significantly.

Target your markets with the content they want

Personalized and relevant content is critical, yet marketing resources are frequently too limited to provide the exact kind of information each of your prospects and clients would appreciate most. Our digital newsletters can be configured to send different articles (about different services you offer or focusing on different industries you serve) to different people in your database, all from one account. This means each newsletter can contain content that is specifically relevant to each vertical segment you market to. Only our Master Account functionality enables multiple, configurable sub-accounts that automatically send different articles to different groups within your database from one login.

Let us do the heavy writing for you

We are not just an email service provider. We are a content provider. We know that professionals don’t have the time to write the kind of informative, helpful business articles that will help foster long-term relationships with prospects and educate and inform current clients on ancillary services that you provide. Written by professional writers, our articles are targeted to C-level business executives and cover topics that include streamlining business procedures, enhancing profitability, managing and motivating work forces, and improving sales. You only need to add your own custom articles and announcements when you have time or have something you want to share. We’ll provide the content to confirm your depth of knowledge and areas of expertise. That allows you to focus on the content you know best: your people, your core and ancillary services, and your company’s activities.


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