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Tax Guides

Tax Guides from Checkpoint Marketing

Guide Your Payroll or PEO Clients Through Complex Tax Matters

Our Tax Planning Guides enable you to easily and cost-effectively guide your clients, prospects and referral sources through important changes in tax laws, rules and regulations. Providing clients and other important contacts with information about tax law changes and tax-saving strategies positions your organization as a thought leader, builds brand awareness and encourages your recipients to contact you for relevant services or for more information.

This proven content marketing and client communication tool features brand-enhancing design, want-to-know tax information, and a choice of customizable electronic and print formats for maximum flexibility, impact and value:

Online Tax Guide

Our Online Tax Guide is highly customizable, from branding and color scheme to switching content on or off and adding custom introductions and images. You are even able to add your own custom call to action (or you can feel free to use the default CTA). Set up is simple and done for you. All you have to do is add a link or banner to your Online Tax Guide on your website. Marketing tips and strategies to help you promote your tax guide are provided.

What does the Online Tax Guide include?

  • View real samples of our Online Tax Guide

    View real samples of our Online Tax Guide

    Articles, tips and strategies to help clients keep more of their hard-earned money in today’s tough economy that are automatically updated whenever tax law changes occur

  • High quality content that can help feed your social media platforms
  • Several categories of indispensible tax planning and tax strategy information, including:
  • A user-friendly Q&A section with frequently asked questions (FAQ), written in layman’s terms rather than complicated tax jargon
  • Easily customizable format that allows you to showcase your company’s branding, your own payroll tax or human resource content, images, contact information, newsletter sign-up form, call to action and more
  • Attractive buttons and banners that you can use on your company’s website, in your newsletter and on social media to drive traffic to your Online Tax Guide

Print, Email and Tax Seminar-in-a-Box Guide Options

PDI_Tax_Guide_200x259Our tax guide solutions are perfect for showcasing thought leadership, differentiating your organization from competitors and initiating contact from prospects and clients.

The Print Tax Guide from Checkpoint Marketing is available in two formats: one is designed specifically for high-net-worth individuals and the other is appropriate for general taxpayers. We also offer an Email Tax Guide and a unique Tax Seminar-in-a-Box, a time-saving PowerPoint® presentation (with speaker notes included!) that features slides you can personalize and edit as you like.

The tax guides from Checkpoint Marketing also come with a comprehensive Tax Practice Marketing Guide about ways to leverage your guide’s effectiveness. Payroll service bureaus that provide information about changing tax legislation will be seen as thought leaders and have an edge over those that don’t.

Boost Effectiveness with Multiple Tax Guide Options

Whether you choose the online tax guide, email tax guide, print tax guide or our exclusive Tax Seminar-in-a-Box presentation, you’ll get outstanding content and brand-enhancing designs. All of our client tax guides give you a choice of customizable designs. To maximize your return on investment, impact and reach, combine the print, email and online versions of our tax planning guides for use in your payroll service bureau’s or PEO’s marketing and communications strategies.

Ask us to show you how our Tax Planning Guide solutions can help you grow your payroll service bureau or PEO.

Our Tax Planning Guides are available as stand-alone products or as part of a comprehensive, customized marketing solutions package designed specifically for you.

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