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Payroll Email Newsletters

Stand apart and earn more credibility with our newsletters
on payroll issues, human resources and employee benefits

The key to effective newsletter marketing is the consistent delivery of engaging content that’s timely, relevant to your target audience and pertinent to the services you offer. Consistently writing value-added content can be a challenge.

Increase your credibility and earn more core and ancillary service business with digital payroll marketing newsletters – or get a bundle of professional guidance, tools and news to accompany your newsletters. Consider the following advantages available from one or more of our content marketing programs for payroll service bureaus:

  • Distribute the most relevant content automatically to each of your contacts. Our digital newsletters include access to dozens of content types, including:
    • Timely and actionable articles on payroll and human resource issues
    • Informative advisory articles on wages, ancillary benefits, employee benefits, payroll tax, insurance, human resources, health and safety in the workplace, motivation and rewards, workers compensation, EEOC matters, common payroll issues and much more
Sample Payroll Newsletter Template

Click here to view a few sample templates and topics

  • Lead prospects through the sales cycle by nurturing them with informative content and engaging, professional messages
  • Personalize your messages for enhanced relationships by including custom announcements about your staff members and company activities
  • Reinforce your brand by utilizing any of our built-in customizable templates, mastheads, banners, images and color schemes – updated with even more high quality assets, drag-and-drop functionality, and a new user interface
  • Earn more social currency with a larger online footprint with easy, one-click article sharing to your payroll service bureau’s social media pages
  • Retain your best customers with customized communications using dozens of email templates and imagery for personalized greetings and announcements
  • Desktop access to real-time reporting so that you may gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment
  • Attract and capture new subscribers and prospects with an integrated sign-up form on your website
  • Access to an advanced digital marketing system that makes it easy for you to identify ancillary and new business opportunities, send out personalized emails and alerts on specific topics and track your return on investment through comprehensive, yet easy to use, built-in metrics and reporting

Our professional, content-inclusive digital email newsletters help you deepen customer relationships, stand apart from competitors, cultivate prospects, demonstrate thought leadership and remain top of mind so that you may achieve your customer retention and business development objectives.

Get out your checklist for what your email newsletter system must offer. Let’s review the list…

  • Sending flexibility? Check. 
  • Built-in relevant content? Check. 
  • Personal sending domain? Check.
  • CAN-SPAM compliance? Check.
  • Quick and easy customization? Check.
  • Excellent reporting? Check.
  • Business development tools? Check.
  • Integrated segmentation tools for target marketing? Check.
  • Hundreds of unique, perfectly sized images? Check.
  • The very best customer support and ongoing training? Check.

Whatever your marketing needs may be, Checkpoint Marketing has the solution.

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The Checkpoint Marketing Email Platform is fully compatible with current browsers: Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox (25.0.1+) and Chrome (31.0.1650.63+)

NOTE: Should you make the very wise decision to utilize the Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter program to grow your business, your company’s email database of contacts will not be used by, sold, or otherwise distributed to any third party for any purpose, as described in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.