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Email Radar

Email Radar

Zero In On Your Recipients’ Specific Interests
with Targeted Email Radars

We call the email blast component of our marketing system “Email Radar” because it has been designed to help you target specific groups and subsets within your target markets – giving you radar-like abilities to provide the most relevant content to each subscriber you communicate with.

Email radars allow you to send out the same message to your entire database or send different emails to different groups that meet specific criteria that you determine and set. Your email radar messages may be sent as needed or scheduled in advance — including drip campaigns of up to 10 sequential email radars trickling out at certain time intervals.

View Real Email Radar Examples
Email radars increase the effectiveness of your marketing and communication efforts when:

  • You want to send an auto-responder with more information about a certain topic or product to readers who click on email newsletter articles
  • You want to automatically send a drip campaign to educate existing clients about your ancillary services
  • You want to segment your database to target your messages to recipients based on their interests, needs, location, demographics or other cirteria
  • You want to follow up with readers who have read a specific article, clicked on a banner or opened a newsletter within a certain time period
  • You want to engage contacts who haven’t interacted with your email newsletter for a specific time period
  • You want to quickly and easily send out consistent thank you emails to webinar attendees, existing clients or prospects who scheduled a meeting with you
  • You want to create dynamic email groups that automatically add new subscribers, while also having static groups that will never change
  • You want to send out holiday greetings via email to clients, prospects and referring partners


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