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Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Engage Your Fans & Followers: Share Great Content

Your payroll service bureau or PEO has set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Now what? Social media is primarily just that – a social forum for people to gather (virtually) online, share stories, thoughts, perspectives, philosophies and interests.

But there’s more to social media than that, or businesses would not participate. A common rule of thumb for a great business social media page is to share 80% “social” content, 15% educational/informative/thought-provoking content, and 5% sales-oriented content.

Sharing your e-newsletter content couldn’t be easier

With one click, you can add your own custom content or any of the articles from your content categories, Timely HR Opportunities or Timely Payroll Niche in your newsletter to any or all of your social media networks. And so can your subscribers!

Imagine the increased visibility that your payroll service bureau or PEO could receive when subscribers utilize the one-click integration and post your company announcements and articles on their social networks. Or like them on your Facebook page. Or share them through LinkedIn.

Give your social fans and followers tasty bites of quality information. Regularly sharing informative content via social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or a blog is a great way to increase online visibility, position your company as a thought leader and build relationships that can lead to new business.

Provide alerts about impending changes, short summaries of “need-to-know” info with links to learn more, deadline reminders, quick updates and other snippets of information about impending or breaking news. Keep engagement high by communicating information that is highly relevant to your target audience.

Get more fans and followers, too

Your Checkpoint Marketing payroll, healthcare or human resource email newsletter includes built-in links to your company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages (as appropriate). We also offer dozens of social media banners you can add to your newsletters. Each time you launch your newsletter to your prospects, you are inviting your subscribers to join you on your social networks, giving you one more way to reach out and connect with potential clients.

The point of using social media platforms for business is to actively engage in conversations, develop and nurture relationships, and manage your online reputation. All of these lead to the potential for more business, opening the door to reach more people (prospects) and identifying where needs may be met.


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