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Reporting Metrics

Email Marketing Reporting Metrics

Identify More Leads For Your Payroll Service Bureau or PEO

One of the greatest advantages of using an email newsletter for your marketing, business development and lead generation initiatives is the slew of reports that give you insight into which of your contacts are engaging with your messages. Reporting helps you not only gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but also makes prospecting much easier.

Our comprehensive reports provide an audit trail of activity, delivering all the data you need for enhanced target marketing through relevant content so that you may develop stronger relationships and grow your business:

  • View real-time usage statistics: measure open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), shares, etc.
  • Review consolidated member reports – a year’s worth of activity for a specific contact in your database
  • Generate a list of subscribers who read a particular article or clicked on a banner
  • Create new, highly targeted lists based on subscriber behavior so that you may nurture them
  • Analyze content reports to see which content categories are generating the most interest

Our reports enable you to offer proactive solutions to increase loyalty, provide new revenue streams, and expand service offerings to existing clients. With our Desktop Metrics Dashboard, you can even monitor the impact your newsletters are having in real time. Or, set up immediate, nightly or weekly click activity alerts (available through your Dashboard or delivered to you via email) so that you are notified when a triggering event occurs that you need to know about.

We make lead generation easy for you.

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