Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs
Reminders and Alerts

Reminders & Alerts

Be Notified When Your Payroll Service Bureau or PEO Has a Warm Lead

Remembering to follow up on a warm prospect, or making the time for business development activities, can be challenging. We’ve made it easy for you to identify new leads and be notified when they engage in your communications. Even without reviewing any reports or slicing and dicing your subscribers into different groups so that you can send them the most relevant content for long-term nurturing, you can use the Checkpoint Marketing system like a mini-CRM to aid in your lead generation and business development efforts.


Reminders show you any contact notes you have made in the system. For each member in your database, you are able to add notes and set reminders by time and date. You have the choice of being reminded by email, by Dashboard, or both. Using our reminder system is a powerful way to enhance lead generation.

Let’s say that an important prospect, Joe Schmoe, read a series of articles about payroll processing and you called him to introduce yourself and see if you could help him with his payroll needs. He asked you to call him back on January 11th. You enter that reminder as a contact note in his member record, and it will appear in your Dashboard. With one click, you can open that contact note to update it, change it or mark it complete.


Alerts may be set up to notify you by Dashboard or email whenever a particular triggering event occurs. Alerts can be configured to be sent out immediately at the time of the event, or consolidated into nightly or weekly emails so that you may follow up.

You’re able to set up an alert on a particular article (for example, let’s say you included a promotion for an ancillary service in your last email newsletter – you can set up an alert for all click activity on that promotion), or for a specific subscriber (such as Joe Schmoe, mentioned above). You can also set up alerts by date, POC, content group, and a myriad of other data points.

This could be the most powerful lead generation tool you’ve ever used.

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