Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs
Metrics Dashboard

Metrics Dashboard

Lead Generation for Payroll Service Bureaus & PEOs:
at Your Fingertips

Give your lead generation efforts a boost with real-time data and reporting statistics right on your desktop so you can identify leads and act immediately. Our Metrics Dashboard is a desktop application that provides you with a real-time summary of your reports, from the number of members in your database to click activity on your newsletters, to reminders and alerts, and more. It is included with a Checkpoint Marketing newsletter subscription at no charge and is one of our most highly effective tools for business development and lead generation.

Built on the Adobe Air platform, our user-friendly Dashboard tracks multiple accounts within a single application so account administrators have access to both the Master Account as well as any Points of Contact (POC) accounts. POCs have Dashboards that show them their own metrics, based on their contacts’ and account’s activities.

The Dashboard provides you with one-click access to your account (no login required) to:

  • See more detail on any feature
  • Respond to an alert or reminder
  • Update a reminder or contact note
  • Add or modify a member (subscriber)
  • Work on your content for the next launch

Without even accessing your account online, you can identify vital lead generation data, review the click through rates (CTRs) on your content, as well as each of the following:

  • DashboardFullThe News and Notes section shows you updates from us about new system releases and any other news you need to know
  • The Reminders section shows you any contact notes you have made in the system with your comments, required action, date and more
  • The Members by Type section shows you a break down of your email newsletter subscribers (members) by designated type, such as Clients, Prospects, Referrals and Team Members
  • The Members by POC (Point of Contact) section shows you how many members in your database have been assigned to each POC you have designated (see Master Accounts)
  • The Member Clicks section shows you click activity (CTR) by member type so that you may gauge which member type is the most engaged in your content
  • The Sponsor Content Clicks section shows you which custom articles you have added to your newsletter are drawing the most interest
  • The Content Clicks section shows you which Checkpoint-produced articles (timely opportunities, standard and niche content) have garnered the most attention
  • The Sponsor Alerts section shows you who triggered an alert that you have set up (whether on an individual or on a particular piece of content)
  • The Email Radar Opens and Sents section shows you a snapshot of launched email radar messages and one-click access to email radar reporting


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