Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs
Master Accounts

Master Accounts

Truly Cater to Your Payroll, PEO and HR Contacts

Different content, different senders, different brands: one account. Checkpoint Marketing is the only email service provider that enables one Master Account to manage multiple sub-accounts quickly and easily.

What makes a Master Account so effective?

This parent/child relationship type of account enables you to cater specifically to your clients’ and prospects’ needs by sending out truly targeted newsletters from different key team members with different content categories to promote different niche or ancillary service areas.

Each sub-account within a Master Account can be built with a unique masthead (tip: try one with a photo of the key employee sending that version of your newsletter), distinctive links to various sections on your website and customized welcome letters – as well as different images and banners, custom content and content categories.

When subscribers are added to your database, they are assigned to a specific Point of Contact (POC). Each POC sub-account can have a unique masthead, content, banners and other special attributes.

How can your Payroll Service Bureau or PEO benefit from a Master Account?

  • POC-Images-Master-AccountsProvide your contacts with exactly the kind of information that they want without the hassle of multiple logins and accounts
  • Maintain oversight of your newsletter campaigns, while relinquishing as much or as little control over POC content to other responsible parties within your company
  • Determine content, branding and frequency for each POC account based on the purpose, type and goals of each campaign independently from your master newsletter
  • Develop long-term relationships by setting up POC accounts by key team members or department leaders
  • Showcase your expertise in various industry markets by customizing your content and branding for those industries
  • Demonstrate community involvement and locality by sending out POC newsletters determined by geographic location
  • Send out pertinent announcements (such as news about your company or a new product/service) to all of your contacts at the click of a button without affecting the targeted nature of the remainder of the content in your POC newsletters

POC newsletters may be as similar to – or as distinct from – your master newsletter as you wish. You choose how much flows through from your master newsletter to your POC newsletters.

There is no better way to ensure the most effective content marketing to meet your subscribers’ needs than this!


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