Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

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Quality graphics help you stand out from the crowd while enhancing and reinforcing your brand. A Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter subscription includes access to thousands of great call to action and service-specific banners in a wide range of categories — from payroll processing and background checks to retirement options to social media — all designed to showcase your areas of expertise and elicit action by your readers that you can track to gauge effectiveness and identify leads for additional business. Link banners to an article within your newsletter or to any external URL, including one on your website.

The following banners are examples of the thousands of ready-made call-to-action banners included in your subscription. We offer banners in a variety of color schemes, sizes and orientations so that you may choose the ones that best represent your brand, while enabling you to swap out your banners at any time to cross-promote different services or products, emphasize an ancillary service, or just to keep things interesting.

Checkpoint Marketing Banner Sampling for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

Call to action banners for payroll service bureaus and PEOs

Special offer for payroll service bureaus and PEOs!

Receive a custom-designed newsletter masthead and one set of custom banners FREE when you sign up for Checkpoint Marketing payroll or HR email newsletters.

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