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Fascinate and Educate Clients and Prospects With Video

Your clients and prospects have access to limitless information online every day. What will motivate them to read your email newsletter or visit your website on a regular basis? What is the best way to keep them interested in your communications? Video.

Video has can greatly enhance a payroll service bureau’s or PEO’s email marketing efforts. Adding video to your e-newsletter and/or website will give your organization the kind of cutting edge, compelling content that immediately engages your clients and prospects. A recent report by Forrester revealed that incorporating video into your B2B email campaigns, email newsletters and website can double or even triple click rates.

Each video in our Video Insight series is relevant to businesses in any industry and/or high net worth individuals. Video Insights topics typically fall into one of the following categories: Personal Tax, Estate Planning, Business Tax, Business Legal, or Business Strategies.

Video Insight – Newsletter Edition

Our Video Insight – Newsletter Edition videos also include a relevant, but not identical, written article to accompany the video. Your recipients actually get two quality pieces of content in one!

The videos play on a landing page and are not embedded in the email newsletters themselves (for deliverability reasons). In the newsletter, the video is highlighted by graphics and an introduction that urges your subscribers watch the video (you capture click through rates on video articles). The supplemental article is also on the landing page, just below the video.

Your clients and prospects may be so excited about your videos that they share them on their social media sites, giving your company enhanced visibility and brand recognition.

Video Insight – Website Edition

We also offer an option for your website: the Video Insight – Website Edition. A video widget placed on your website one time only is automatically updated with the current Video Insight every other week and contains the most recent videos from the series. The video widget can be branded specifically to your firm and designed to fit seamlessly into your website’s design.


Add video to your marketing strategy today.


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