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Stuff happens. All the time. Important stuff. Stuff your clients need to know about. For example, the Affordable Care Act has not only made headlines this year, but it may very well change how employers handle health insurance, how employees choose a medical plan, what tax incentives are related to the new law, and who is eligible for which programs. Your clients and prospects have questions about what they need to do and when to do it. Doesn’t it make sense for you to provide them with the answers they need?

In addition to our huge library of standard content, our editorial team produces fresh content specifically for companies that provide payroll and human resource services every month:

These feature articles discuss important hot topics that your clients, prospects and referring partners will find valuable and informative.

Just like our other articles, these feature articles begin with an introductory summary and a link to the full article on a separate landing page so that you may track readership and interest levels. They may be sent out automatically in your email newsletter, scheduled for a future issue, or distributed as separate email radars from a particular point of contact. How you distribute them is entirely up to you and your preferences. You may also share them on your social media networks using the integrated “share this” feature built into our system or customize them to your liking and post them on your blog or website to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise.

Timely HR Opportunities

Timely HR Opportunities are written each week about court cases, new legislation, opportune strategies, and lessons learned (or to be learned). We call these articles Timely Opportunities because each one not only covers a topical subject of interest, but also includes one or more recommended actions to be taken to take advantage of the underlying opportunity that the information provides. A recent Timely HR Opportunity began as follows:

Ensure Your Departments Are in Sync to Comply with the ACA
Your company’s payroll, employee benefits and HR functions need to work hand-in-hand to meet the reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act, the IRS warns. That’s because the information necessary for filing Forms 1094 and 1095 is generally housed in different departments. With the filing deadline looming in early 2016, employers must ensure they can compile the data in time. This article explains.


Timely Payroll Niche Articles

We have adapted the same concept used for our Timely HR Opportunities and applied it to our Timely Payroll Niche Articles, which review best practices and strategies, new case studies, legislative changes and other hot topics that affect the payroll process, payroll industry or anyone involved with payroll issues. These highly relevant feature articles are made available to you every month for inclusion in your email newsletter, distribution via email radar, sharing on your social media pages, or editing for addition to your website. A recent Timely Payroll Niche Article began as follows:

IRS Audit Guide Spotlights Deferred Comp Plans 
An updated IRS audit guide for NQDC plans can provide a heads-up to employers about what issues concern the tax agency. The manual highlights such areas as the timing of FICA and FUTA tax withholding and violations of the contingent benefit rule. Here are details that can help your business avoid an audit of its nonqualified deferred compensation plans.


Add a Timely HR Opportunity Widget to your website!

How would you like to post a live widget on your website that automatically pulls in the most recent Timely HR Opportunity articles? Our Timely HR Opportunity widget is custom designed by our team to fit seamlessly into your website’s unique design. It can look like it has always been part of your brand!

The benefits of a Timely HR Opportunity Widget include:

  • We manage the content within your widget and update it automatically on a weekly basis
  • Once the widget code has been installed by your website administrator, we’ll take care of the rest – you won’t have to do anything
  • When you regularly post fresh content on your website, visitors are more inclined to re-visit again and again
  • The Timely HR Opportunity article landing pages are also branded to your company with your newsletter masthead, so when visitors click on the widget’s article links or share your articles on their social media platforms, the content will remain branded to you
  • You could gain additional newsletter subscribers, as your Timely HR Opportunity widget’s landing pages include a built-in sign-up form that integrates directly with your newsletter database


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