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Social Media Briefs

Social Media Briefs

Treat your fans to tips and advice
with perfectly portioned social media posts

Social media has changed the way we receive and exchange information and has become one of the leading sources for news and alerts, as well as word-of-mouth referrals and budding business relationships. Increase online visibility, position your payroll service bureaus as a thought leader and build relationships that can lead to new business by sharing knowledge and actionable tips through your company’s social media channels.

Professionally written and perfectly portioned for your firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, our weekly Social Media Briefs provide informative tidbits on tax, business and estate planning topics, depending on your selected program.  Each program includes:

  • Weekly Tax, Business and/or Estate Planning Briefs covering various insightful topics that are ready to post on your website and social media pages; each Brief is 150-200 words and delivered via email every week
  • Dozens of professionally designed banner ads to showcase the Briefs on your website, in your emails and newsletters, and on your firm’s social media pages, driving website traffic and encouraging likes and shares
  • Tips to maximize your social media presence, including when and what to post, how to promote your social media sites and how to engage your fans and followers
  • Social media best practice whitepapers to enhance your marketing program

Our Social Media Briefs are currently available in three main topical areas. Purchase them separately or in a bundled package for even more effective reach and engagement:

  • Tax Briefs offer savings and compliance tax tips for individuals and businesses. While the primary focus is on income taxes, employment taxes and gift and estate taxes are also covered.
  • Business Briefs offer tips to help business owners and executives run their businesses more effectively. Topics include accounting and financial reporting, sales and marketing, strategic planning, succession planning, employee benefits, human resources, technology, business valuation, forensic accounting, and fraud prevention.
  • Estate Planning Briefs offer tips to help individuals protect their estates from taxes and ensure that their assets will be distributed as they wish. Topics include wills and powers of attorney, probate and estate settlement, gifts, bequests and trusts, charitable giving, and life insurance.


Our Tax Briefs, Business Briefs and Estate Planning Briefs make it easy for payroll professionals and advisors to jump start a new social media marketing plan or enhance an existing strategy. Mix and match these valuable content products to meet your social media followers’ needs and interests and boost your company’s thought leadership quotient. Order one of our content marketing packages now to connect with your target audience, inform them of timely and actionable subjects and thrive in your client retention and business development activities.

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