Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs
Newsletter Content

Newsletter Content

Nurture prospects and clients with the most relevant content
designed specifically for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

Our proprietary payroll, human resource, employee benefits and business content includes timely, up-to-date information in all areas of payroll and HR management, including wages, taxes, reporting, compliance and other related issues. By sending your clients and prospects these beneficial tips and strategies, you showcase your areas of expertise, heighten your credibility, establish trust and begin building long-term relationships that will open the door for new business opportunities.

With each email newsletter you send out, you are able to customize the content categories your recipients receive to ensure that you’re providing the most relevant and valuable information to each contact on your list. Automatically include a Timely Payroll Niche Article and/or a Timely HR Opportunity for even higher engagement.

Track subscriber interest and behavior for more leads

Each article you publish in your newsletter begins with a brief summary. Recipients click on the “Full Article” link to read the article in its entirety. This click activity (along with click activity on any of your own custom articles) is captured in various reports that provide insight into your readers’ overall interest in your newsletter (or one individual subscriber’s interest in a particular topic) and allow you to proactively act upon that interest. Identify hot leads and measure your return on investment all while providing the kind of educational and informative content that your contacts will appreciate and value.

Automatically add the freshest, most original content on payroll and HR hot topics

In addition, our editorial team publishes fresh, new articles every week (called Timely HR Opportunities), which address the most current human resource issues, court cases and updates. Along with the Timely Payroll Niche Articles (both of which are included as part of your Checkpoint Marketing email newsletter subscription), these feature articles frequently capture the highest click through rates.

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