Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

Content Solutions for Payroll & PEO Providers

Helping Your Clients and Prospects Succeed Helps You Succeed

Content marketing is widely considered the most effective form of B2B and non-retail B2C marketing strategies. Unfortunately, many companies misunderstand what makes content marketing successful, and constantly push out messages that tout their accomplishments rather than providing helpful tips and information that their readers appreciate and value.

Don’t you want your prospects and clients to eagerly anticipate receiving your email newsletter and reading your social media posts? By sending out articles that solve your clients’ and prospects’ problems and answer their questions, you enhance your credibility, raise your thought leadership quotient and establish a cohesive bond with readers that will ultimately result in more business opportunities.

Position Your Company For Success

Our payroll and PEO email newsletters automatically include professionally-written articles that help your readers better manage their companies, solve business and human resource problems, understand applicable laws, and learn about tax, accounting, operations and a myriad of other business and personal issues. What better way to position your firm as a trusted resource than by helping your prospects and clients succeed?

Relevance is the #1 factor to engage prospects, pique interest
and develop long-term business relationships.

Address hot topics and business issues that directly affect your contacts all while educating them on your bevy of ancillary services by sharing Timely Payroll & HR Articles and relevant articles from our standard payroll/PEO content categories in your newsletters or through email radars.

Promote Ancillary Services

With hundreds of educational and relevant articles in over a dozen categories designed specifically for payroll service bureaus and PEOs, you can easily promote the ancillary services that your clients and prospects may not even be aware that you provide, such as 401k set-up, recruiting, employee benefits, insurance, worksite safety, financing and banking services, payroll tax preparation, pay cards, employee loan services, employee discount services, FSA accounts, sexual harassment training, timekeeping, Workers’ Compensation, human resource management, background checks, termination counseling, partner offerings, prepaid legal services, and employee screenings.

Customize Your Content to Meet Each Recipient’s Needs

Each newsletter can be customized to your specific audience – whether you have one target market or more than one. Everything is managed from inside one Master Account and is easily configured to make sure that you deliver the most relevant content to each of your clients, prospects and referral sources. Track subscriber interests and readership straight from your computer desktop with our Metrics Dashboard to identify leads and measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Set up Reminders & Alerts to help your business development team cross-sell more ancillary services and keep your business pipeline full.

Share Your Content Online for More Reach and Visibility

Not only can you share your newsletter and email radar content on your website, blog and social media platforms to help you establish a burgeoning online following, you can also increase credibility and thought leadership with our Tax Bites and Video Insight. All of our content is easily shared to social media outlets with a single click, straight from the newsletter or email radar itself. Your readers can share your articles on their own social media pages as well, increasing your reach and visibility.

Increase Your Return on Marketing Investment with Professional Content Marketing

Our content solutions will help you implement a marketing strategy that your clients, prospects, referral sources, fans and friends will look forward to receiving, solidifying your status as a trusted go-to resource and establishing connections for long-term business opportunities.

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