Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

Email Marketing and Communication Solutions
for Payroll Service Bureaus & PEOs

Are your marketing efforts helping you meet your growth goals?

Companies today have one key objective: to grow their revenues. We have been helping payroll service bureaus and PEOs (as well as other service firms) grow for over a decade. Our solutions help you:

  • Educate and inform prospects and clients
  • Communicate with worksite employees
  • Build top of mind awareness
  • Generate and identify new leads
  • Enhance your brand recognition
  • Raise awareness of ancillary services

Our fully integrated suite of e-marketing solutions have been designed to help you nurture valuable contacts, cross-sell your ancillary services and products, develop long-term business relationships and grow your business.

Imagine a system that can automatically send out a fresh email newsletter chock-full of informative and educational business content to each client, prospect and referring partner in your database every week, every other week, every third week or once a month — even when you’re not in the office and haven’t had time to write any new articles. Go ahead and schedule your PEO or payroll email newsletters to launch up to a year in advance without worrying if you have enough content to share, and relax!

Then imagine being able to track and review real-time reports that show you exactly who has read what and when. Better yet, set up reminders and alerts which let you know immediately whenever someone has engaged with your content (it’s all configurable to suite your needs). Having instant access to data that tells you when a prospect is interested in a particular subject gives you the competitive edge needed to convert a prospect into a client or identify when an existing client has a need for ancillary services. With the proper tools to help you develop relationships, identify needs, and follow up on demonstrated areas of interest, your clients and prospects will recognize that you’re trying to help them succeed.

There is a reason why Checkpoint Marketing is the leading provider of email newsletters and content marketing communication tools serving payroll service bureaus, PEOs, HR consultants and other professional service providers. Be sure to check out all of our content marketing options and marketing tools to help you grow your business one message at a time.


Communication Solutions

Consultative & Support Solutions

  • Ghost Writing – Custom Articles
  • Graphic Design Services - Banners & Mastheads
  • Audio Services – Podcasts & Testimonials
  • One Customer Support Rep for Each Account
  • An Assigned Marketing Strategist

Other Marketing Solutions

  • Print, email and online tax planning guides
  • Custom writing and graphic design services
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Overviews




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