Checkpoint Marketing for Payroll Service Bureaus and PEOs

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With Integrated Marketing Solutions for Payroll Service Bureaus & PEOs

Nurture payroll and PEO clients with quality content

Content That Nurtures

With a library of educational articles that help you nurture customers and prospects on such topics as payroll issues, HR best practices, and cost cutting actions (to name but a few), we have the content that will help position your payroll service bureau as a trusted resource. Providing your clients and prospects the tools they need to succeed is a wise decision – they will then turn to you when they need ancillary services that you provide beyond payroll – and you will both thrive.

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Checkpoint Marketing helps payroll service bureaus and PEOs nurture clients with content

What Make Us Unique?

We enable your payroll service bureau to stand out in the crowd, to educate your customers & prospects with easy-to-implement, layman’s terms payroll, human resource, tax, and business tips and strategies – something other providers do not. Quickly and easily segment your messages to reach specific groups of your target markets, sending only the most relevant content to your recipients. Set your organization apart as a thought leader and community resource.

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Checkpoint Marketing helps payroll service bureaus and PEOs go to market

Seize Growth Opportunities

There is no better way to grow your business than by reaching and nurturing new audiences. Our integrated communication solutions, including our email newsletter and targeted email radars, can do the hard work for you. Nurture and identify new leads, while also engaging and educating your existing customers on the wide variety of ancillary services and products you offer. Send out surveys to discover what existing customers need or what prospects want. Keep your pipeline full.

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